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Have our expert team on call for your IT Support, minimising computer downtime so you can enjoy peace of mind. Packages bespoke to your business requirements.

Your very own IT department

At Woodstock IT, we can be your very own IT department ready to respond to your business’s every tech need, without the usual costs associated with hiring your own employees.

Our clients range from businesses which either can’t afford an in-house team, don’t want the business risk of employing IT experts on a permanent contract or simply don’t have the workload to employ someone full time.

We also support small IT departments when the workload is too high. Whatever your need is, we can provide you with a bespoke support contract to ensure you can do what you do best – running your business – while we provide you with an effortless IT system and keep your organisation running smoothly.

How do support contracts work?

Tailored approach

Unlike other IT support companies, we do not offer bronze, silver and gold packages for support. Our support contracts are completely tailored to your needs. Firstly, we’ll assess what you have in terms of hardware, software and network infrastructure and then create a needs assessment based on recommendations to improve your current setup and minimise the ongoing cost of support.

Some businesses may need more help with initial setup, whether it’s an overhaul of their current system or they’re starting from scratch, while others may need more help with the day-to-day running of an already efficient system. Whatever your needs, we’ll review your entire system and discuss your options with you.

Cost effective

We do not operate a “one size fits all” policy so you can be assured of appropriate pricing for the size and scope of your operation. We’ll assess how many members of staff you have, the type of work you do on a daily basis, what level of security and storage your business needs and any other requirements you may have.

Competitive service

When computer downtime is simply not an option, we offer highly competitive support contracts to ensure your business is up and running as soon as possible, in record time. In essence we become your very own IT support department for a fraction of the cost of employing someone.

Why use a support contract?

For both startups, small or large businesses, a safe and secure IT system is incredibly important. Even so, many businesses question the reasons for paying a monthly cost for an IT support contract.

We’re here to tell you why it is not only essential for some businesses, but also time and money saving in the long run for your company.

IT experts

IT experts know which IT products save time, save money and are most efficient.

Day-to-day running

A support contract will ensure not only the day-to-day running of your business, but the long-term strategy that will support the growth of your company. A third-party IT company can see from an outside perspective, having experienced many previous clients, what needs to be changed within the business and how to facilitate new ways of working for ultimate productivity.

Reductions in staff costs

A support contract saves money on employing permanent staff.


An IT company can keep the company compliant, keep data safe and ensure best practices are maintained.

Proactive protection

Any IT support company will tell you horror stories of working until 4am on client systems after a stressed firm rang up at the weekend with a security breach and no systems in place to keep their company secure. An IT support contract will give you peace of mind, professional advice when you need it, and access to IT hardware and resources, including the very best security system.

Proactive monitoring

A support contract is like an insurance policy for your car, you shouldn’t be without one. Proactive health checks will keep the ‘tyres’ of your company rolling, and can keep your tech new and up to date to ensure best practices. They can anticipate potential issues before they happen as well as keeping your system secure and running efficiently.


With proactive monitoring and IT strategy comes financial control. It allows you to plan for long-term upgrades to your systems and gives you more choice by informing you of issues early. Ad-hoc spending on failed hardware and slow computers always costs more than well-thought upgrades and replacements. Being in control means you can be more productive.

Peace of mind

Support contracts helps you focus on the business, giving you peace of mind that the technical cogs keeping the business going are in-hand.

Saving staff time

They reduce downtime and keep staff happy and productive without ongoing IT issues getting in the way and stopping their productivity. This in turn saves the business from losing money from reduced staff time and sales. If any major issues occur, which a support contract will protect against, a third-party IT company can get your business up and running quickly.

What we provide our clients

Priority call outs

We prioritise our supported clients with unlimited callouts whenever you need us.

Proactive support

We have 350 machines monitoring our clients’ IT systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This means we’re proactive in ensuring your IT system works as it should, before problems arise.

Reactive support

Should you have an emergency or security issue, we will respond quickly and efficiently to avoid any downtime or data breaches.

Remote fixing and system monitoring

With most of your IT needs we can fix a problem within minutes without setting foot on your premises by using remote fixing. This is the fastest way to solve IT issues and involves accessing your IT system from our office.

Telephone support

We’re on-hand to respond to issues and queries from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am to 1pm, and we’re always happy to be flexible should you need anything out of hours.

Periodic on-site inspections

We can ensure your system is always working as it should by providing health-checks from your office.

Discounted products and upgrades

We can provide your office with all the IT equipment you could need at a discounted rate.

Personal account manager

You’ll always have an immediate contact to get in touch with should you need anything.

Total peace of mind

Reliable, trustworthy, and approachable. If you sign up with Woodstock IT, you’ll never need your own IT department.

This is just a snapshot of the services we supply within our support contracts. Our support options can get you up and running with email, backup solutions, broadband and security. Take a look at our options here.

Remote management

MSP is a company that offers a computing framework platform for organisations to remotely manage a customer’s IT infrastructure. At Woodstock IT, we use MSP as standard for all our clients so we’re always ready to respond to any issues at the click of a button. For more information, get in touch.

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To discuss your needs now, get in touch by calling our hotline on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321 or you can drop us an email on [email protected].

Brock TaylorBrock Taylor
14:09 01 Mar 22
Always excellent service. Quick to respond and sort problems. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you Oliver and Carl for your continued support and expert knowledge.
13:30 18 Jan 22
Our company has been using Woodstock IT Horsham for seven years and we cannot sing their praises more highly. We have always had first class service from them: there is nothing they cannot set up, fix, or repair. Joachim (their General Manager) has been coming out to us since we first used them and he is absolutely brilliant: his IT knowledge is endless, he is professional and polite, and a really lovely bloke too. Whether you are corporate or domestic, do not look anywhere else: use Woodstock and you will never look back.
Sue CaseSue Case
13:25 18 Jan 22
Been using Woodstock IT for a few years now. Buy hardware from them which comes will good, honest, reliable advice and no insurance selling! Use them annually for general advice and to ensure my PC is working 100% as it should. Highly recommend this company to individuals as well as companies. No job is treated as too big or too small. Really friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff.
Adrian StevensAdrian Stevens
19:09 09 Dec 21
Being a non-techie, when it came to needing to upgrade my aging laptop, I could have gone into a retail outlet and been bombarded with technical stuff by staff who earn commission on sales.Instead I preferred to ask the professionals for their opinion about what I needed and for them to source the hardware. Having previously used Woodstock IT for servicing, they were the obvious choice. They provided a solution and quoted me the price for the hardware and for the data transfer and setting up the new system. They are the experts and I fully trust their expertise. Excellent service from the team.
Tara WilliamsTara Williams
13:48 09 Nov 21
Always there to help or advise. Very professional and everything is sorted out without delay. Thank you.