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Data cabling is the perfect solution for businesses to benefit from a structured and reliable data performance. We future proof your data cables to ensure you have maximum speeds at all times, so you can concentrate on your business goals and productivity.

What is data cabling?

Data cabling is an important network infrastructure that allows businesses to transmit data across multiple connected devices and systems, creating seamless communication internally and with customers.

The installation of data cables allows the transfer and use of digital data and are an effective telecommunications infrastructure for:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Telephones/mobile phones
  • Video conferencing
  • Routers
  • Printers
  • CCTV cameras
  • Any connected devices

Data cables have capacities which need to match your data use and include ethernet cables and fibre optic cabling. Data cabling is also referred to as structured cabling or structured network cabling.

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Our data cabling installation services

At Woodstock IT we assess your current data cabling and can terminate and install new structured data cabling to ensure everything is working to top speeds and is properly maintained for your security and safety.

Our core data cabling services include:

  • Assessment and termination of your existing network
  • Installation of data cabling, including fibre optics
  • Single and multi mode, Cat5E and Cat6 UTP solutions
  • Tailored data cabling infrastructure and cable routing plans
  • Minimum disruption throughout installation
  • Ongoing maintenance and upgrades

State-of-the-art data cables for business premises are essential to allow reliable access to more data and resources. Our specialist team will work with your business to create the best solution for your requirements and will offer our clients excellent value on installations.

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What are the benefits of data cable installations?

There are many advantages to installing data cabling for your business and it may be the right choice for you, depending on your data usage.

Improved telecoms performance

Network cabling ensures fast and secure communications for your business across multiple connected devices. Data is transmitted quickly and as the system is designed for your data use, it is incredibly reliable and can be increased as you grow.

Cost effective network

Whilst there is an initial cost that is more than a wireless network installation, structured cabling installations generally require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan, meaning you get great value from your investment.

Future proofed design

One of the main reasons businesses choose data cable installation is that it is scalable, making it future proofed as your business changes and expands. New devices can be added to the network, for example if you increase your sales team staff, without affecting performance, as bandwidth can be increased.

Enhancing access to data

As data cabling installers, we have a wide range of experience in configuring and improving data cabling networks for companies, whether a start-up or small business, or a large business with multiple teams requiring effective data access. Particularly important if you’re a growing business, our services install cabling to allow you to expand smoothly with resources to meet the demand of increased staff numbers and connected devices.

After an initial consultation, we provide you with a quote for your tailored data cabling plan, whether improvements or a full install, and create a CAD drawing for approval before work begins. Our fully trained staff operate to the highest of standards and all data cabling installations come with warranties and are accurately tested for the best results.

Quality results for your office or business site

Once we have spoken with you and assessed your system requirements now and in the near future, our infrastructure design will ensure you get the best day to day results from your network. As a business owner, improving your current setup ensures employees are productive and are not delayed through IT issues and poor connectivity, which also reduces unnecessary stress.

With versatile options such as single and multi mode, Cat5E and Cat6 UTP solutions, you can be sure we will design the best system for your needs. At Woodstock IT, we operate a transparent service and keep you up to date with our work, meaning you know exactly what you’re getting and how it will benefit you.

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