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Install professional VoIP phone systems for your company and benefit from flexible and reliable ways to communicate over broadband with phone calls and video conferencing. A sophisticated and cost saving solution for business telephony.

At Woodstock IT, we recommend installing VoIP technology for your business. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology which allows you to make and receive telephone calls over your broadband connection.

VoIP, which is often referred to as IP telephony and broadband phones, is an adaptable and convenient technology that converts voices and sounds into a digital signal, allowing phone calls to be made directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices.

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Our VoIP service for businesses

As part of our connectivity services, we specialise in consulting, designing and the installation of VoIP systems and connected devices for all business types, from small start-ups to large multi-site companies wanting to improve their business communications.

Our services include:

  • Initial assessment of your telephony needs
  • Design of VoIP telephony to best suit your requirements
  • Supply and installation of VoIP phones, equipment and software
  • Training for staff to use the VoIP system effectively
  • Ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades

We partner with VoIP referral partners to ensure you benefit from the best VoIP solutions.

Why should you use VoIP?

Low cost telecoms solution

As part of the name suggests, a VoIP telephone system utilises the internet to make calls. Instead of using telephone lines, all communication data is turned into packets and sent over the IP network.

Placing VoIP calls over traditional phone lines means that a line is taken up by the two callers using it to communicate. Since there are only so many lines that can be installed, calls placed over landlines, especially if they are long-distance, are expensive.

Using the internet to relay call data gets around this problem, making domestic and long-distance calls cheaper.

Calls on the go

If you or your employees need to work outside of the office, VoIP services can be a tremendous benefit to you because they will follow you wherever you go. So long as you can connect to the internet, you have the freedom to move as your business demands, without the stress.

VoIP is perfect for homeworkers and people working away from the office as it simply plugs into your system offering seamless connectivity wherever you are. You can either use a desk phone or have the call reroute straight to your mobile or computer. Another great advantage with VoIP is the ability to have a ‘number for life’ even if you move outside of your area.

Advanced tech features

Using VoIP phone systems allows you to multitask with the most modern devices, allowing you to be as productive as possible. For instance, while you’re on a call, it’s possible to read voicemail-to-text transcriptions which can be diverted to your email inbox. To your clients, you’ll always look on-trend and tech-savvy.

Simple conference calling

Since all calls use a converged data network instead of dedicated phone lines, creating and participating in conference calls are made much easier.

It’s possible to take part in conference calls if your business uses a traditional phone system, but what you will find is that you will have to pay for an additional service to host multiple callers for a conference. These services are included in most VoIP phone systems.

Instead of paying for something extra, you can take advantage of the ability to make conference calls as an added benefit to the service you already pay for.

VoIP internet telephony makes video conferences much easier as well. Face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients is much more manageable with VoIP phone systems.


A common worry that surfaces about VoIP telephony is the fact that if the internet stops working, so does the ability to make calls. This doesn’t have to occur under the right circumstances.

The truth is that call-forwarding, like other features in VoIP phone systems, is incredibly flexible and great for keeping up with clients at any time of day. You can forward your calls to your mobile or laptop if, for instance, your local network goes down in your office. With a VoIP phone system you truly benefit from having reliability and flexibility for your communications.

What Woodstock IT can do for you

Save you money

At Woodstock IT, we believe VoIP is perfect for businesses and organisations looking for a professional telephone system at a low cost. VoIP offers significant savings on both calls and line rental – calls are charged per second, not per minute as with BT and other VoIP providers.

If you are making high levels of short calls this could add up to a significant savings over the year. A VoIP connection is much cheaper than traditional phone lines.

VoIP set-up, maintenance and upgrades

As VoIP service providers, we can set up your VoIP and also maintain it for you, working with our multiple VoIP referral partners. At Woodstock IT we grow with your business. If you need more lines, headsets or extensions, we’ll be there straight away to ensure you have what you need and you just need to add them on as required.

We help businesses to understand the real business benefit of VoIP. We design, supply and install all the necessary equipment and software to benefit from this cost saving, flexible and highly sophisticated technology.

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For further help and advice call our friendly team on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321, or you can send an email to [email protected]. We’d be happy to take the time to understand your business communications and discuss how VoIP installation and ongoing support could help you be more competitive.