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At Woodstock IT we work with a variety of businesses, including new start-ups wanting to ensure they have the right IT setup from the get-go.

When starting a new business there are so many issues that need to be dealt with that added IT problems can be overwhelming. We’ve seen time and time again businesses leaving IT as a secondary thought, but data can be lost or hacked extremely quickly.

What’s the solution?

It pays to have a plan B from the start- and Woodstock IT is just that – your reliable plan B.

Not only do we help our clients get set up, organised and adjusted to their new system, we also provide ongoing support, servicing and protection. You’ll never have to fear that your new business will grind to a halt or face complex computer systems, as we keep everything as simple as possible for our clients while we deal with the hard stuff.

Our IT support packages

We offer our clients our standard ‘A Beer’ Package, as well as bespoke package:

‘A Beer’ Package – from £50 per month per user

A: Antivirus

Our clients benefit from leading antivirus protection software from ESET – the best you can get for your business.

B: Backup

We will backup all of your data, keeping is secure and safe so it can be restored should the worst happen. We can manage the system remotely using a cloud-managed backup with 24-hour monitoring.

At any one time we store the previous 6 months worth of data, and this can be increased or decreased based on your needs. Whenever you need it, it’ll be accessible and unchanged, so you can rest assured it’ll be ready should you require it.

E: Encryption

All staff member’s emails are stored and encrypted for you to securely access. This includes former employee’s emails which you may need for records and project management.

E: Email service

We deliver our email service using Microsoft Office 365 as we believe it is the best choice on the market for businesses. It is inclusive of Dropbox meaning you can easily share files safely.

R: Remote

We offer remote support for staff who work from home or out of the office, ideal for business trips and those travelling regularly. In the modern age, this support can be the competitive edge you need.

Prices and availability

Our ‘A Beer’ Package is exceptional value from just £50 per user, per month, and can be cancelled after 30 days if you find it isn’t right for your company.

Included in the package is a Virtual Desktop in the cloud that combines a Windows desktop, Microsoft Office, Exchange/Outlook and a variety of other applications. This is a hosted service we call The Woodstock IT Desktop Solution.

Bespoke packages – quote on application

At Woodstock IT we understand that not every company is the same and are proud to also offer bespoke IT support packages for businesses on Sussex and further afield.

We also have a number of add-ons we can discuss to create something truly unique and perfect for your unique situation. These include unlimited backups for five years, which is a popular choice for financial and legal businesses.

To discuss your requirements and to learn more about how a bespoke package could work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01403 290321 or 01293 912321.

What other IT and network services can we offer a start-up?

WiFi setup
Our team specialises in high quality Wi-Fi installations for businesses throughout Sussex and Surrey.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)technology allows you to make and receive telephone calls over your broadband connection. You may hear it referred to as IP telephony or broadband phone, either way VoIP provides one of the most flexible and inexpensive ways to communicate for businesses.

Network health checks
A proactive approach to ensure that your computer system is always at peak performance. We can help you to improve your quality of service with regular checks, including network speed, data backup and anti-virus solutions.

Ongoing support, any time
Depending on your system and the support required, it is possible for our team to diagnose your issue over the phone and then access your IT system to fix it remotely. A remote connection means that we can access your PC or server from our offices, without an on-site visit.

For all other network problems we offer rapid response on-site visits. Whatever your requirements, you can be assured of a fast, friendly response from a professional team of fully trained IT technicians. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

Our storage solutions

We’ve partnered with Dropbox and Microsoft amongst others, to provide our cloud-based storage and backup solutions. Utilising a cloud-based system removes the need for large and time-consuming storage which will need to be backed up in-house.

As we are official partners of Dropbox and Microsoft, you and your company will benefit from this system being part of our ongoing support package. We can provide both unlimited storage and back-ups for peace of mind and to protect against a loss of productivity, as well as secure data-encryption.

Other services we recommend

Google is a great example of cloud-based working, allowing you to create, work on and store files via collaborative products like Google Docs and Google Calendars.

Microsoft’s Office 365 offers cloud computing solutions allowing groups to create and share data such as contacts, files, calendars, meetings and be able to access this from any Internet connected device.

We use these services because we believe they are the best on the market, however we are happy to set up any start-up with a different service as a bespoke option.

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To discuss our ‘a beer’ package’ and bespoke IT packages for new businesses of any size and in any industry, please call our team on 01403 290 321 or get in touch using our contact form with your enquiry.

We’d love to hear more about your business and can prepare a free, no-obligation quote based on the information you provide.

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To discuss how we can help you save money and improve your communication infrastructure please call 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321, or request a call back below. One of our friendly team is always happy to speak to you and explain anything you might want to know.

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