Hello, we are Woodstock IT and we’re pleased to meet you.

Since 2011 we’ve been Making IT Simple for a broad range of businesses, organisations and residential clients across Surrey and Sussex and we’d love to help you.

Hit the delete key on anxiety

From the crunching frustration of a slow running network through to the potential catastrophe of a cyber attack, we’ve got your back. Our team of IT professionals are on hand to build and maintain a network you can trust with rock solid tech, rocket fuelled connectivity and fort knox security.

What’s your flavour?

When it comes to IT Support one size definitely doesn’t fit all, but to help us to help you please choose the option that most closely matches your current situation. From here we’ll create a dedicated IT plan:


1-50 users

You are a start up / scale up business eager to get things right from the start…

  • IT Planning
  • Software/hardware scoping
  • System set up
  • Proactive Monitoring


50-100 users

The needs of your business are growing and you need a dedicated IT outsource team…

  • IT support when you need it
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Fast response
  • Dedicated account manager


100+ users

Full service IT Support to maintain business critical systems…

  • Backed by a full SLA
  • Dedicated team resources
  • Scheduled support time
  • Guaranteed uptime

Need a quick fix?

No problem. You can book a repair right here. We use advanced diagnostic methods to detect the issue and aim to turn around your repair as quickly as possible. Where a repair is likely to take longer or require a part we’ll even lend you a replacement to keep you up and running. You’re welcome.

Discover how we make IT simple

Why choose Woodstock IT?

IT Support

Fast Service

Trusted Experts

Data processing and online usage is at unprecedented levels and the demands and reliance on IT infrastructure is greater than ever before.

Most smart businesses recognise that a rock-solid IT set up is crucial to bottom-line profit so ensuring your systems are working optimally at all times is essential. With a team of highly trained professionals on your side, you can rest assured that your IT is being looked after.

When choosing Woodstock IT to look after your online infrastructure, you’re ensuring:

Business continuity

How long could your business survive on “pause”?

From the mild irritation of a single computer freezing to an entire network on pause – we only seem to notice our IT when things go wrong which is why our healthy obsession with business continuity could be music to your ears…

Ongoing support

Let’s loop you into proactive support

At Woodstock IT, we’ve become adept at fixing the problem BEFORE it’s a problem – that’s all about setting things up correctly in the first place. Some issues, however, arise after the fact and need to be dealt with swiftly…

Continuous innovation

Keeping ahead of the curve

Plato once said, “necessity is the mother of invention”. As demands grow for speed and capacity you need an IT support team who will understand, react and deliver what you need, when you need it…

Open communication

We’re listening

At Woodstock IT, we understand the need for transparent communication. Our team is trained to tell it how it is, why it is and then provide understandable solutions to keep your IT systems up and running…

Rock-solid processes

We have a system for that

Over the years we’ve established working practices based on efficiency, speed and consistency. Having said that our business is built on people, not tech, so we never promote systems over personal service…

Infinite possibilities

Let’s innovate together

It’s widely acknowledged that we are living in an “always-on” world. We expect our tech to “just work” all the time, every time. A well run IT system should always pay for itself and if managed correctly leverage financial benefits to a business – let’s see how we can make a difference…

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about our services and how our friendly and professional team can help you with your IT needs, get in touch with us today.

We work with businesses of all sizes and are happy to assess your needs and provide you with a bespoke solution that aids the growth of your business and allows you to focus on what really matters.