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We believe it’s far better to proactively maintain your network than to have to respond to a threat to your system because it wasn’t protected enough. We’ve seen time and time again businesses leaving IT as a secondary thought, but data can be lost or hacked extremely quickly.

Using a fully managed service for your organisation will save you money (and stress!) in the long term. It pays to have a plan B from the start. Not only do we help our clients get set up, organised and adjusted to their new system, we also provide ongoing support, maintenance and protection.

You’ll never have to fear that your network will grind to a halt or face complex computer systems, as we keep everything as simple as possible for our clients while we deal with the hard stuff.

Our managed IT services

Our expert team of friendly professionals can create a completely tailored IT system to suit your business needs, based on the work you do.

After discussing requirements, we advise and install the best practices so our services work perfectly for you.

Our full support and managed IT services can include:

  • Managed WiFi services (and installation)
  • Proactive monitoring of performance
  • Diagnosing issues
  • Maintain and improve IT performance
  • Setting up and maintaining cloud services
  • Cloud-based storage and backup solutions
  • Securely hosted email connection
  • VoIP installation and maintenance
  • On-site emergency visits
  • Remote connection solutions
  • Diagnosis of issues
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Network health check
  • Problem solving and system recovery
  • Industry-leading data encryption (we are an official partner of Dropbox)
  • Computer and laptop repairs
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Rapid responses from our technicians
  • 24/7 monitoring and automated maintenance
  • Support during office moves
  • Server and network migration
  • Proactive fixes before faults occur
  • Increasing your system capacity

Our packages

We promote being proactive when it comes to IT maintenance, which is why we offer such economical fully managed packages to our clients.

We offer our clients our standard package, as well as bespoke packages.

Standard Package – £50 per month per user

  • Antivirus
    We provide our clients with ESET antivirus protection software, the best protection you can get.

  • Backup
    We provide backup so you can be assured that should the worst happen, all your business’s important information is kept safe and can easily be restored. We manage the entire system using cloud-managed backup, and stay on top of whether it’s up-to-date or failing. We store six months’ worth of data at a time but this can be changed depending on your business’s needs. The data is encrypted, meaning it cannot be changed or removed, so you know it’s accessible and accurate should you ever need it.

  • Encryption
    We keep an encrypted data service for our businesses. Even if a staff member has left the organisation you’ll still have access.

  • Email service
    We provide an ongoing email service using Office 365, which we believe is the best email system. This is inclusive of Dropbox should you wish to share files with colleagues.

  • Remote
    We can also provide remote support for any of your employees who work from home or on the move.

Our Standard Package is just £50 per month per user, and you can cancel after 30 days if you need to. The Woodstock IT Desktop Solution included in the package gives you a Virtual Desktop in the Cloud combining a Windows desktop, Microsoft Office, Exchange/Outlook and other applications all delivered as a hosted service.

Bespoke packages

At Woodstock IT we know that every business is unique and will require different services, which is why we’d be very happy to provide you with a bespoke service package for your business.

We also provide a number of add-ons to any of our packages. One of our most popular add-ons includes unlimited backup for five years through our provider DATO Technologies. Even if something was deleted five years ago it can still be recovered. This is an especially important addition for financial or legal businesses.

To find out more about how we can help you and the bespoke packages we can offer you, please get in touch with us. You can call our Horsham team on 01403 290 321 or our Crawley team on 01293 912 321.

More details on some of our most important services

Maintaining and improving IT performance

Through understanding your current system capabilities and what your business requires to run efficiently, we can protect your files, software and hardware, as well as upgrade or downgrade your storage size depending on usage. To gain peace of mind and security from our services, find out more about what we offer below and call us on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912321 with your enquiry.

Proactive monitoring of performance

We use advanced tools to monitor the performance of your IT systems 24/7 and through real time alerts we’re able to immediately work on fixing issues as they arise. This may include server problems or failure, lack of storage and underperformance of WiFi connections.

If you find anything not running smoothly, you can contact us for diagnostic checks where we may suggest improvements based on our findings.

Diagnosis of issues

Businesses require a fast and accurate response to issues to ensure there’s no detrimental effect on your workflow. This is why we reliably diagnose issues and respond quickly and in the correct way to limit downtime and disruption.

Once we’re monitoring your performance, any issues from small simple fixes to complicated and critical problems can be dealt with swiftly, including system failure. As we’ve mentioned before, being proactive is key.

Cloud-based storage and backup solutions

As part of our proactive approach we’ve partnered with Dropbox, the cloud-based storage and backup solution.

As an official partner of Dropbox, we are able to offer this fantastic storage solution as part of your ongoing support package. That means unlimited storage, unlimited back-ups and industry-leading encryption to keep your data secure. Using a cloud-based system saves space and time when it comes to backups.

Securely hosted email communication

Our team can also take on the management of your email services, improving your communications internally and with clients and customers. All emails and attachments will be sent securely without the concern of hacks or virus attacks.

Our Hosted Exchange email service is a fully managed solution so you no longer have to worry about the security, integrity or delivery of your emails ever again.

For more information, or for a bespoke package, you can call us on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321, email us on [email protected], or drop into our office in Horsham.

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To discuss how we can help you save money and improve your communication infrastructure please call 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321, or request a call back below. One of our friendly team is always happy to speak to you and explain anything you might want to know.

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