Network Health Checks

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A proactive approach to network health and performance, before problems arise. From network speed and connectivity, to data backup and antivirus solutions.

What do we do during a network health check?

  • Check your antivirus software and how it’s running
  • Check security in general and scan for any viruses or data breaches
  • Check internet connectivity speed
  • Backup checks – ensuring everything has been backed up efficiently
  • Hardware and software overview with recommendations for updates or upgrades
  • Warranty checks
  • Email function checks
  • Laptop checks with upgrade recommendations
  • General IT systems
  • VoIP checks
  • Cloud maintenance
  • Diagnosis of issues
  • A full report of urgent issues followed by recommendations (we’ll put them in order from most critical)
  • Proactive fixes before faults occur as well as reactive fixes (subject to a new quote)
  • Visual checks for data cabling
  • Cable tidy up
  • General checks for performance and reliability
  • Firewall review to check it is in place and performing well
  • Router check
  • WiFi password checks and other password checks
  • Other device performance checks or any specific issues on request for iPads/mobiles etc
  • Inactive user accounts, stopping unauthorised access
  • Disk space availability

A proactive approach to network health

The phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ is entirely accurate when it comes to IT. With one of Woodstock IT’s network health checks, we’ll spot any issues before they become a problem for your business and productivity.

How do you know when to have a health check?

A health check can be proactive and part of ongoing maintenance, rather than a response to an issue arising. However, perhaps you’ve noticed a few cracks in your network, maybe it’s running slower than usual, the printer doesn’t respond, or you’re missing back ups.

Responding to these issues before they become worse is the best thing you can possibly do, and at Woodstock IT we’re here to help. We’ll proactively review your entire network and ensure things are not only working as they should, but that the best practices are being used across your system.

We’ll concentrate on:

  • Network speed
  • Internet connectivity
  • File sharing
  • Backup
  • Antivirus solutions

From this we can give you a summary report detailing any areas of recommended action listed in priority status – the critical ones being at the top of the list, and set to work fixing your system if that’s what you’d like us to do. We’ll also give you advice about which software and hardware is best to use. We’ll leave you with a smooth-running system that will make you question why you didn’t call us months or years earlier!

What if something is wrong?

For urgent issues we can usually help immediately and charge our standard hourly rate plus the cost of parts or software upgrades. If there is a case for an ongoing support contract we can discuss this with you. For details of our support contracts and what’s included please visit our support contracts page.

Do I really need a support contract?

Here’s our commitment to you, we will never sell you anything you don’t need. We operate an ethical business where our sole priority is to support you and your business in the most appropriate way.

Many businesses favour our ad hoc support as it gives them a pay-as-you go option. Others prefer the security of a dedicated IT department proactively managing their IT for an agreed fixed fee. Either way, once you’re on our books we’ll have a record of your IT system and should be able to help you quickly and efficiently.

Excellent customer service and the best industry practice

The health check gives you a comprehensive report of your IT system, leaving no stone unturned. The best part of not tackling such a big task in-house is that our staff can discuss in-depth with you the various issues and make it understandable for those who aren’t in IT.

Information is power and we’ll make sure you fully understand how your system has been running and what needs to be fixed. Or if you have a small IT department, we can ensure they’re up to speed on everything we’ve done, and what they need to continue to do should they wish to tackle the issues in-house.

We will rigorously test your security so that you know your data is protected. Everything we recommend will ensure that your IT system is up to the standard of the best industry practices. We’ll ensure your system is running at its maximum efficiency, so you won’t have to fear any network downtime in future from any issues which haven’t been addressed.

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To discuss getting a network health check, give us a call today on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321 or you can drop us an email on [email protected].

Brock TaylorBrock Taylor
14:09 01 Mar 22
Always excellent service. Quick to respond and sort problems. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you Oliver and Carl for your continued support and expert knowledge.
13:30 18 Jan 22
Our company has been using Woodstock IT Horsham for seven years and we cannot sing their praises more highly. We have always had first class service from them: there is nothing they cannot set up, fix, or repair. Joachim (their General Manager) has been coming out to us since we first used them and he is absolutely brilliant: his IT knowledge is endless, he is professional and polite, and a really lovely bloke too. Whether you are corporate or domestic, do not look anywhere else: use Woodstock and you will never look back.
Sue CaseSue Case
13:25 18 Jan 22
Been using Woodstock IT for a few years now. Buy hardware from them which comes will good, honest, reliable advice and no insurance selling! Use them annually for general advice and to ensure my PC is working 100% as it should. Highly recommend this company to individuals as well as companies. No job is treated as too big or too small. Really friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff.
Adrian StevensAdrian Stevens
19:09 09 Dec 21
Being a non-techie, when it came to needing to upgrade my aging laptop, I could have gone into a retail outlet and been bombarded with technical stuff by staff who earn commission on sales.Instead I preferred to ask the professionals for their opinion about what I needed and for them to source the hardware. Having previously used Woodstock IT for servicing, they were the obvious choice. They provided a solution and quoted me the price for the hardware and for the data transfer and setting up the new system. They are the experts and I fully trust their expertise. Excellent service from the team.
Tara WilliamsTara Williams
13:48 09 Nov 21
Always there to help or advise. Very professional and everything is sorted out without delay. Thank you.