IT Needs To Consider For Your Growing Business

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As a small growing business it may be difficult to know what the best technology is to help your business continue to grow and how to improve productivity and efficiencies within your workplace.

We work closely with a lot of small businesses and have a great insight into IT that can really help to give your business a boost and help it continue to grow.

Discover our top IT solutions that we would recommend you invest in to aid your team and your business:

Cloud solutions

Cloud computing and email hosting is one of the most helpful solutions for growing businesses. It allows you to work remotely from anywhere and access all of your files, desktop and emails safely and securely. All data is synchronised in real time and you and your team can instantly access and collaborate on work using any internet enabled device.

Whilst this may sound like a costly option, it is actually far more cost effective than having your own local server, which can be expensive to maintain. Cloud services work on a pay per user basis, making them easy to scale up and scale down depending on your business needs.

Managed IT services

As your business grows, your day to day focus will start to shift and you can find that you don’t have as much time to focus on keeping all of your IT needs up to date. Investing in an expert team of IT professionals to manage your day to day IT needs can really give you the extra time to continue to grow your business.

Here at Woodstock IT, our team work hard to proactively monitor your IT using advanced tools, diagnosis and fixes, as well as sending you real time alerts of any issues that arise. We also ensure all of your software and hardware is up to date and that you’re using the latest versions of all your programs.

We work with you to ensure we are providing your business with the exact services it needs and to take the pressure out of your hands to maintain your IT.

Antivirus software

If you haven’t already, investing in a good antivirus program is increasingly essential for all businesses, but especially small businesses. There are more and more threats emerging online, so ensuring that your files are securely encrypted and your computer is regularly running scans and protecting you against online threats is imperative.
Losing work, files or even having downtime on your IT due to viruses can be very costly and as a small, growing business, this can cause a lot of harm.

High speed internet

As your business grows and so does your number of staff, this can really slow down your Internet and make work days very difficult and unproductive for your staff. Investing in high speed, secure managed WiFi services allows you all to complete several tasks at once and download and upload files without any hassle.

Backup systems

This is one of the most important IT services that all businesses should invest in. If you don’t have a plan B or any backup in place, then you risk losing all of your work and files forever. Having a backup in place means you can have peace of mind that no matter what happens, all of your files and work is safe..

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