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Our team specialises in high quality WiFi installations for businesses and large residential properties throughout Sussex and Surrey. Our solutions are bespoke to your property and ensure high quality WiFi that’s fast and secure.

At Woodstock IT we offer a fully managed WiFi service which includes high quality WiFi and fast speeds, as well as a range of other benefits. Our team specialises in WiFi installations for businesses and large residential properties throughout Sussex and Surrey.

Many businesses ask why they need a fully managed WiFi service, but there are many instances where poor WiFi connection can severely slow down not only the WiFi, but your entire workforce and their ability to work productively.

Businesses quickly see the worth of a fully managed WiFi when problems arise, especially where security is concerned.

Our core managed IT services include:

  • Structured data cabling
  • Managed WiFi and surveying
  • Latest WiFi standards and speeds (802.11ac)
  • Hotspot, guest functionality and bandwidth management
  • Point to point Wireless solutions
  • Project management of installation

Fast speeds even in large properties

Woodstock IT is there to help you should you have any issues with connections or speeds, but if you choose to go with our fully managed WiFi package then issues are stopped in their tracks before you’ve even noticed.

We can boost the WiFi signal to cover large residential properties and large business premises, including linking two buildings together. Our trained technicians can come into your home or business and improve coverage throughout.

This is similar to an insurance policy for your connectivity – we ensure your speed is updated and improved if it’s an old network, and provide frequent software updates and monitoring if it’s a big network.

Our solutions are bespoke to your property and ensure high quality WiFi throughout that’s fast and secure, meaning you can work, entertain and use the internet as you require without any issues.

This service includes streaming 4k HD content on multiple devices, using several apps at once and completing downloads without delay.

What are the benefits of a fully managed WiFi package?

Upgrade management

WiFi infrastructure is extremely dynamic and upgrades are needed often. To avoid your network crashing, upgrades need to be done smoothly and correctly. Using a managed WiFi solution means you can rely on rapid changes or provisioning of new devices.

Technical support

Does your business have the time, capacity and resources to have the best understanding of your wireless software? The answer is-probably not. You can reduce the load on your dedicated on-site IT staff by using professional help from a service provider. They’ll do prompt troubleshooting to prevent costly downtime and ensure your business remains productive.

High security

WiFi is a broadcast medium and can therefore be insecure. You significantly reduce the chance of suffering a security breach by handing these issues to specialist staff. Managed WiFi offers layered security – encryption, centralised authentication, tracking of users and devices, intrusion detection and much more. We’d also recommend installing antivirus software; our chosen provider is ESET.

Cost control

The cost to build a wireless network from scratch and carry out routine upgrades is expensive. Initially, managed WiFi seems like a hefty investment, but you reap the rewards in the long run saving time and resources, as you focus on the things that really matter in your business.

Simple to use

A managed WiFi should enable your WiFi system to be easier to view, understand and control for your staff through easy-to-use monitoring dashboards. You should be able to use this information to understand your business better and make quick decisions.

Greater visibility means you can utilise the information you’re given about both your staff and customers. It increases customer loyalty as you can gather information to understand customer behaviours and use this in your business strategy.

It improves employee productivity by allowing staff to freely move away from their desks to a new workspace. It decreases staff stress which occurs when the network goes down.

A tailored service

All of our managed IT projects use hardware with proven performance that will be tailored to your current usage and future requirements. This reduces the risk of downtime on the network and guarantees energy efficiency throughout the system. Once connected, you’ll be able to make use of the WiFi indoors and even outside within certain distances from the router.

After installation we will continue to monitor the speed and ensure the security software is always securing your personal data and online communications. This includes utilising a protected WiFi setup and implementing a firewall to defeat any attacks and keep your network safe.

Large scale projects

Depending on the scale of your setup, we offer project management to minimise stress throughout large-scale projects. This includes office buildings, substantial homes and estates. Managed WiFi in these instances requires a focus on data cabling and maintaining the quality of the connection over a wider span.

Our point-to-point wireless service also allows you to have excellent WiFi across two buildings. This can be tailored so that unfeasible or undesirable physical cables are removed from the setup without impacting the quality of WiFi received. Ideal for an annex, line of sight for these connections is up to 15km.

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If you have a question or want more information, we’d love to hear from you. For managed WiFi services in Sussex and Surrey, call us on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321.

You can also get in touch with us using the form below.

Looking for a fully managed all-round package? Head to our business support page to find out more.

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linda cowderoylinda cowderoy
13:30 24 Jun 22
Excellent service from Woodstock as always. Carl sorted out a difficult problem for me, but easy for him, very quickly with curtesy and professionalism. Thanks! Linda
Horsham ArchitectsHorsham Architects
17:23 24 May 22
Problems with different e mails Resolved!Carl arrived very promptly helped resolve an e mail problems on all 4 computers as well as my mobile phone for my business, very professional service, definitely would recommend
Brock TaylorBrock Taylor
14:09 01 Mar 22
Always excellent service. Quick to respond and sort problems. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you Oliver and Carl for your continued support and expert knowledge.
13:30 18 Jan 22
Our company has been using Woodstock IT Horsham for seven years and we cannot sing their praises more highly. We have always had first class service from them: there is nothing they cannot set up, fix, or repair. Joachim (their General Manager) has been coming out to us since we first used them and he is absolutely brilliant: his IT knowledge is endless, he is professional and polite, and a really lovely bloke too. Whether you are corporate or domestic, do not look anywhere else: use Woodstock and you will never look back.
Sue CaseSue Case
13:25 18 Jan 22
Been using Woodstock IT for a few years now. Buy hardware from them which comes will good, honest, reliable advice and no insurance selling! Use them annually for general advice and to ensure my PC is working 100% as it should. Highly recommend this company to individuals as well as companies. No job is treated as too big or too small. Really friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff.
Adrian StevensAdrian Stevens
19:09 09 Dec 21
Being a non-techie, when it came to needing to upgrade my aging laptop, I could have gone into a retail outlet and been bombarded with technical stuff by staff who earn commission on sales.Instead I preferred to ask the professionals for their opinion about what I needed and for them to source the hardware. Having previously used Woodstock IT for servicing, they were the obvious choice. They provided a solution and quoted me the price for the hardware and for the data transfer and setting up the new system. They are the experts and I fully trust their expertise. Excellent service from the team.
Tara WilliamsTara Williams
13:48 09 Nov 21
Always there to help or advise. Very professional and everything is sorted out without delay. Thank you.