Three Current Threats to Your Computer System

Cyber Security

There are a range of different threats that can seriously impact your computer systems and be detrimental to your business. With new laws such as GDPR now in effect, as of 2018, if you don’t have the right measures in place then you could be held responsible for any data loss or breaches.

Take a look through our comprehensive list of the most common types of threats we have seen recently and how you can arm your computer systems against them.


This is one of the most common and well known threats in IT. There are many types of viruses, such as the Resident Virus, Browser Hijacker, Overwrite Virus and the Macro Virus.

In simple terms, a virus infects your computer and its core systems by replicating itself and harming the way the computer operates. It can have consequences such as corrupting files, deleting files or even stealing data, which can be costly to your business.

These can be spread through email, downloads from websites or corrupted external harddrives such as USBs.

How to prevent viruses

One of the easiest ways to prevent getting a virus is by installing reliable, good quality antivirus software. This type of software regularly scans your computer in the background for any threats and gets rid of them if anything is found.

Having this in place can seriously help to prevent any disruption and costly losses to your business.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are becoming more and more common and are designed to steal important information, such as credit card details, user logins or any other personal financial information and can be extremely costly.

These types of attacks are mainly done through email and can be quite hard to spot, as they tend to impersonate reputable brands or even contacts you know and trust.

How to prevent phishing attacks

Training your team members to be extra vigilant and ensuring you have protection on your emails can help you avoid these types of attacks.

Google recently released a great quiz to help you discover if you can spot phishing attacks from legitimate emails, take the online quiz to find out how you do and discover some of their top tips for avoiding attacks.


One of the scariest threats to businesses are ransomware attacks that infect files and databases, encrypting them and blocking access, and then threaten the delete or corrupt everything unless a payment of a specified amount is received.

This type of attack can be spread through phishing emails or the download of infected files.

How to prevent ransomware attacks

To prevent these types of attacks, your business needs to have a reliable and effective antivirus software installed on all of its devices.

As well as this, having a recovery system in place will ensure that in the unfortunate event that your business is affected by a ransomware attack, then all of your files are safe and sound in a secure backup and can be recovered.

GDPR and Cybersecurity

With new GDPR laws in place since May 2018, businesses need to ensure the way they store and handle their data is secure and compliant. This includes emails, files and data, meaning that not only do the correct measures need to be in place, but all staff members need to be aware of correct procedures.

If your business is hit by a cyber attack which results in a data breach, then your company could be held responsible if it doesn’t have the proper protection in place.

How to ensure compliance

Ensuring you have up-to-date antivirus and malware protection for all computer systems is vital to preventing attacks and preventing issues with compliance if you are attacked.

Educating staff members is also vital to ensuring the prevention of any unwanted attacks. Speaking to a reputable company about the best ways to prevent these attacks and to provide training for your staff members is an excellent way to ensure they don’t accidentally fall victim to any phishing scams.

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