Why You Should Invest In Proactive Monitoring For Your IT

Woodstock Proactive Monitoring

Technology at work is a huge part of how businesses function and thrive, and as a result, any issues can have a substantial impact on productivity and output. The more you rely on technology and going digital, the more you need to ensure your systems are protected and issues are dealt with before they have an adverse affect on your workflow.

At Woodstock IT we have specialised in proactive monitoring for several years, working with start-ups, SMEs and large corporations to:

  • Prevent loss of data
  • Prevent loss of productivity
  • Prevent hacking attempts
  • Improve system security and reliability

Discover what proactive monitoring for your IT systems involves and how you could benefit with our guide below. Get in touch for more information and to enquire about our managed services on 01403 290 321 (Horsham) or 01293 912 321 (Crawley).

What is proactive monitoring for IT systems?

Proactive monitoring is a way to maintain your network systems to detect and solve issues before they arise. Typically it involves outsourcing your IT needs to a specialist IT company who are able to monitor your infrastructure, software and hardware remotely.

With real time alerts and expert knowledge, proactive monitoring can stop any potential threats before they do any damage to your company. By maintaining your network with an outsourced solution, you also have a lot more time to run your business and focus on growing it.

As is often seen in companies, IT equipment and networks can be a secondary thought, leaving them vulnerable to hacking, downtime and data loss. At Woodstock IT our experts provide ongoing support, maintenance and protection for your business so disruptive issues such as these don’t arise.

What are the benefits of proactive monitoring?

There are many advantages to using proactive monitoring in your business:

Early detection of issues

One of the most important benefits is that it allows for the early detection of problems, meaning they can be located and fixed before they cause problems to the whole network and to your productivity.

Without proactive monitoring, your business could potentially go offline if issues aren’t caught early. If any damage has been done, the quicker we find it, the quicker we can minimise the risk and reduce downtime.

Improved productivity

It can also help to improve performance and productivity within your workplace. This is because we ensure all systems and software that you use are working to their full potential and nothing is causing performance issues, such as slow speeds.

We will update any programs that are out of date and ensure everything is working optimally, making your business far more efficient and effective.

Improved reliability

You also get improved reliability; if an issue is arising repeatedly we will do all the work to resolve that issue so that it does not arise again. This means you will get fewer complaints from staff who may be trying to use those systems, boosting the morale of the team and ultimately productivity.

Solutions can include increasing system capacity and utilising cloud based services.

Our managed IT services

We make it easy for your company to complete work with no interuptions. Our team will assess the work you do and give you a tailored IT system to suit your business needs and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

Our full support and managed IT services can include:

  • Managed WiFi services (and installation)
  • Proactive monitoring of performance
  • Diagnosing issues
  • Maintain and improve IT performance
  • Setting up and maintaining cloud services
  • Cloud-based storage and backup solutions
  • Securely hosted email connection
  • VoIP installation and maintenance
  • On-site emergency visits
  • Remote connection solutions
  • Diagnosis of issues
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Network health checks
  • Problem solving and system recovery
  • Industry-leading data encryption (we are an official partner of Dropbox)
  • Computer and laptop repairs
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Rapid responses from our technicians
  • 24/7 monitoring and automated maintenance
  • Support during office moves
  • Server and network migration
  • Proactive fixes before faults occur
  • Increasing your system capacity

Once you enquire, we can discuss your business requirements to create a tailored solution that works to your budget and needs. We understand that every business is different so will take the time to learn about your processes and how we can best support them with our managed IT services.

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