Why You Should Choose Refurbished Computers Over Leased

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If you need to replace the computers at your business, there are a lot of different options out there for you to consider. The main three options are purchasing:

  • brand new machines
  • refurbished machines
  • leasing computer equipment

Whilst leasing may seem like a good option for your business, as it allows you to get the latest tech without large upfront costs, it might not actually be the best solution.

Here, we go into detail about why purchasing refurbished will benefit your business more than getting leased IT equipment.

What is refurbished tech?

Simply put, refurbished tech refers to equipment that is not brand new, but is in great working condition and is being resold. Whilst there may be some stigma attached to buying refurbished computers, as a lot of people mistakenly think they are just broken computers that have been fixed, they are actually an extremely cost effective way of getting excellent spec computers for your business.

If you’re purchasing from a reputable company, such as Woodstock IT, then you can guarantee that all of our computers have been thoroughly checked, updated and upgraded to ensure they are running all of the latest software.

Typically, refurbished IT may have superficial marks and scratches on the surface, but technically they will work as if they are new and you will not notice the difference.

How does leasing work?

When leasing IT equipment and computers, it works like a rental agreement – you just pay a set fee every month for a certain length of time and use the equipment as if it’s your own. During this time, only you and your staff have access to the equipment and you are able to use it as you need it.

By getting computer equipment this way, you are able to get the latest in technology without having to pay a huge lump sum cost, making it a great option if you want to have the best specification computer at any time.

Once the contract has ended, you can continue to renew it and use the equipment as before, or upgrade to the latest computers and equipment.

Why choose refurbished over leased?

Whilst both refurbished and leased seem like excellent options, refurbished is probably your best bet. We have found here at Woodstock IT that you actually end up paying a hell of a lot more for leased than you would refurbished.

As you actually own the computers when you buy refurbished, it makes more sense for businesses of any size and individual customers in the long term.

Although not having to pay a lump sum for leased may be appealing, you could actually end up paying more than the computers are worth in the end. It is also notable that there may be times where the equipment might not be being used as staff may have left or changed how they are working. This can mean you’re actually paying for equipment that isn’t being used.

Purchasing refurbished is actually extremely environmentally friendly, versus purchasing new or leasing the latest computer, as you are reusing and recycling resources and parts that have already been made, rather than stretching the core minerals needed to build a new computer. This is a great and simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and make your company more sustainable and committed to helping the environment.

If it is really important for you to have the best specification computers with all of the latest updates, then speak to our team about our refurbished options. We are able to source great computers for you and you will end up paying far less than buying new and end up with way better specification computers.

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