What are IT support services and why does my business need them?

IT is used by the vast majority of businesses and it is very rare to find a company that doesn’t use computers in some way. Whilst you may know what you’re doing on a computer and how to benefit from all of the essential programs, the technical aspects may remain a mystery.

With technology still rapidly changing, it is also very difficult to keep up with all the latest updates. An IT support company provides a technical service whereby they offer assistance to another business by fixing problems with their technology, such as computers and networks, as well as monitoring the systems for any issues.

Using a qualified IT company to help you with your businesses IT support can really benefit your company. Here’s why.

Fix problems quickly

If you employ a dedicated IT company to undertake IT support at your business, you can rely on them to fix any issues you have with your computer system or networks. If there are any emergency situations that mean your business is not able to run because of technical issues with hardware or networks, they can respond as quickly as possible and have you up and running again in no time.

Here at Woodstock IT we pride ourselves on our rapid response time, ensuring no businesses are left without the technology they need to keep everything running smoothly. We also have 24/7 monitoring and maintenance on all accounts, meaning we minimise the chance of problems occuring in the first place, and if any do occur we are automatically aware of it.

Optimise usability and performance

Through active monitoring of your hardware’s performance, IT support teams can identify whether there are any weaknesses within your network or computers. Through identifying key areas that need improvement, they can be worked on to optimise their performance and usability.

This type of support ensures that your systems are working to optimal performance at all times and reduces the amount of potential downtime on your systems. This means that there are less interruptions to your day, meaning more work is able to be done!

Long Term Savings

For small to medium size businesses, IT support can seem like an unnecessary cost and a huge investment. However, as most business are reliant on technology these days, it is definitely a cost that can save a company money over time.

IT support allows you to pay a fixed monthly cost, with no surprise fees or hidden charges involved. This means you can budget accordingly for these costs and not have any surprises if equipment goes down or needs fixing.

Without IT support it can be costly to fix any computer or network issues and can involve your business having to fork out unexpected costs that can affect your bottom line.

Support your business

Our support contracts are fully tailored to your business. We will assess all of your equipment and discuss your needs to come up with a package that is completely bespoke.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote for IT support for your business, get in touch by giving us a call on 01403 290321.

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