How Refurbished IT Can Improve Your Business

Office Refurbished Computers

It’s inevitable. At some point, for one reason or another, your business IT systems will need to be upgraded and replaced. This brings up important questions;

  • Should you choose brand new technology or refurbished tech? And which is better?
  • Is it necessary to spend what could be a small fortune on the latest in tech evolution, or is it possible to upgrade adequately, affordably and potentially even more comprehensively using quality refurbished goods?

In our opinion it’s not only possible, it’s likely that choosing refurbished IT for businesses will help to improve your company and save money in the long run.

Our experts are on hand and available to discuss in detail all aspects of your IT systems upgrade, including the recycling of your old tech and ongoing training and support for your new systems.

To find out more about how your business could benefit from our refurbished technology call us today on 01403 290321, or drop in to your local branch for a friendly, no obligation chat with our team.

Refurbished technology for businesses

What is refurbished tech?

Refurbished tech can be defined as goods that have been returned to the manufacturer or vendor for one of a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: 

  • Ex-display or demonstration items
  • Unused items returned by purchaser
  • Products with minor defects or missing parts 
  • Items with damaged packaging

These items are then fully tested for resale and if applicable, are repaired to be as close to ‘as good as new’ as possible, and sold at a fraction of the price when compared to brand new tech.

What’s the difference between refurbished tech and used tech? 

The main difference between the two is that refurbished products should have been thoroughly tested and proven to function correctly, unlike used products which are generally untested and may or may not be defective.

Benefits of refurbished tech for businesses

The trade off between quality vs cost is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing between new and refurbished technology for your business. Can your business justify the cost of new equipment? Will it actually allow your business to be more productive than if you opted for the refurbished equivalent? In many cases the initial cost of new tech far outweighs the associated benefits, so how do refurbished electronics fare under the same microscope?

Improved cash flow

First and foremost, as far as the physical cost of purchase is concerned – refurbished tech is without doubt less expensive and could save your business a considerable amount of money. Goods can be purchased in almost new condition, often for a fraction of the price of their brand new counterparts, affording you the freedom to invest savings in other areas of your business.

This increased positive cash flow also enables your company to settle debts, pay expenses and provides an important ‘buffer’ against potential financial challenges in the future; exceptionally important for new start ups and small business owners.

So, does this increased affordability have a negative impact on the quality of your technology? We don’t believe so.

More efficient working

In fact, very often the technological upgrades of new generation hardware are minimal, and non-applicable to most users.

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed some of the many benefits of refurbished technology for businesses, and we know that ”refurbished tech often boasts better specs and more up to date features in comparison to other tech of a similar price range.” Better specs and more up to date features should equate to a more efficient IT system – minimising downtime, improving employee morale and increasing overall productivity. Essentially refurbished tech is not only cheaper to buy, it could actually make your business more profitable.

But, will refurbished computers really work efficiently for as long as new tech?

Excellent support

There’s no reason it shouldn’t! Our refurbished equipment is fully repaired, thoroughly tested and comes with a one year warranty. Woodstock IT can also help your company with:

  • Securely wiping data: mitigating the risk of GDPR breaches
  • Transferring data from old to newly purchased laptops: minimising disruption to your services
  • In store training and workshops: ensuring employees are familiar with any new systems or tech
  • On site and remote assistance and ongoing support: ensuring a pro-active approach toward your IT system
  • Recycling your old computers, laptops and IT equipment: minimising the carbon footprint of your business

It’s worth noting that there is no legal definition for ‘refurbishment’ so if your business is to truly benefit from using refurbished tech it’s important to purchase goods from a trusted and reputable source.

So aside from the fact it’s efficient, reliable and could save the company money – why else should I choose refurbished tech for my business?

Environmentally friendly option

It’s good for the environment! Refurbished tech recycles and reuses devices and components previously destined for landfill, as well as reducing the carbon footprint created by the manufacturing and shipping of new products meaning it’s environmentally friendly as well being affordable, efficient and reliable.

As the UK aims for a net zero greenhouse gas emission economy, buying refurbished tech represents both an affordable and sustainable opportunity for businesses to contribute towards a greener future. 


Would you like to keep your existing tech instead of buying refurbished? We’re happy to repair your Mac (excl. iPhones/iPads) or Windows devices, regardless of whether or not you purchased them from us.

Our in shop repair services include:

  • Screen repairs
  • Broken keyboards
  • Battery issues
  • Water damage
  • Virus infections
  • Faulty hard drives

Managed IT services

Your business could also benefit from our managed IT services. We can create a bespoke management package for you to ensure that your IT infrastructure is properly and pro-actively maintained, leaving you and your employees the freedom to focus on your business. 

Purchasing refurbished tech for your business

Woodstock IT stocks a range of high quality refurbished computers, tablets and laptops including products from industry leading brands like Dell, HP and Apple. Our experts are happy to answer any questions and help you to decide whether refurbished tech is the right choice for your business. 

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