The Benefits Of Refurbished Tech For Businesses

Refurbished IT

Chances are that as a business owner you’ve spent a considerable amount of time evaluating areas in which you could save money. More than likely, you’ve also contemplated on how best to minimise your company’s ecological footprint as we collectively aim towards a greener future.

Refurbished IT technology allows you to do just that, helping save the planet and decrease your expenditure – all without any compromise to your service. Contrary to popular belief ‘refurbished’ doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘less than’, and refurbished tech is often almost brand new! 

We stock a large selection of quality refurbished computers, laptops and tablets from leading brands like Apple, HP and Lenovo – all fully repaired and rigorously tested – complete with a one year warranty. 

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Why choose refurbished tech?

We’re inundated with new technology on an almost daily basis and it’s become increasingly difficult to ignore, and as a business owner, why would you want to? The success of your company is directly linked to your adoption and use of IT and technology, and if you haven’t before, now is the time to consider refurbished technology.

What is refurbished tech?

Refurbished products are goods that have been previously returned to the manufacturer or vendor for one of a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: 

  • Ex-display items
  • Unused items returned by purchaser
  • Products with minor defects or missing parts 
  • Damaged packaging

Despite being in ‘as new’ or ‘almost new’ condition, these products are still considered ‘refurbished tech’.

Benefits of refurbished tech

Cost effective

Refurbished tech offers the potential for significant financial savings when compared to brand new alternatives. Devices can be purchased in ‘new’, or ‘almost new’ condition for a fraction of the original price, affording you more comprehensive and regular updates of your IT infrastructure, or leaving you with money to spend elsewhere on other aspects of the business. 

Environmentally friendly

Refurbished tech recycles and reuses devices and components previously destined for landfill, as well as reducing the carbon footprint created by the manufacturing of new products – making it eco-friendly as well as financially beneficial. As the UK aims for a net zero greenhouse gas emission economy, refurbished tech represents both an affordable and sustainable opportunity to contribute towards a greener future. 

No compromise on performance

Refurbished tech often boasts better specs and more up to date features in comparison to other tech of a similar price range. Our experts upgrade and improve all of our devices to their maximum capacity, and refurbishments are carried out in house; with all devices thoroughly tested prior to sale to guarantee their quality.

Not all refurbished tech is equal

Woodstock IT’s one year warranty

Whilst widely available, not all refurbished tech is of the same standard. When choosing a vendor, always look for tech that is ‘certified’ or sold with an appropriate warranty. 

We offer a full, one year warranty on all of our refurbished tech giving you the peace of mind that should you experience any problems within this period, the repairs will be free of charge. If we cannot repair the device for any reason, we will replace it – no questions asked. 

How Woodstock IT can help

Woodstock IT has been providing refurbished tech to businesses across Sussex for more than ten years. We also provide ongoing support, with additional services including:


We aim to make IT simple; our workshops are designed to help you get the most from your device(s). 

Trade in 

If you have an old or outdated system, we’d be happy to take a look and consider a trade in if it’s in good condition and we have the capacity for more stock. This can be used against any purchase of Woodstock IT refurbished tech. You’ll save money on your purchase, whilst safe in the knowledge that your old tech will be appropriately recycled. 

Transfer of data

If you purchase a refurbished device, we’ll transfer your data from your previous machine, saving you time on what can often be a lengthy set-up process. 


Would like to keep your existing tech? We’ll repair your Mac (excl. iPhones/iPads) or Windows devices, irrespective of whether or not you purchased them from us. Our repair services include:

  • Screen repairs
  • Broken keyboards
  • Battery issues
  • Water damage
  • Virus infections
  • Faulty hard drives

Managed IT services

Once you’re kitted out with the appropriate tech, you can benefit from our managed IT services; we can create a bespoke management package for you to ensure that your IT infrastructure is properly maintained, leaving you the freedom to focus on your business. 

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