How IT Consultancy Services Can Help Your Business

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The optimisation of IT systems and IT infrastructure provides the platform for efficient business growth, ensuring that your company maximises its potential for success. IT consultancy encompasses all aspects of IT and involves the planning, implementation and maintenance of technology related business operations.

Woodstock IT provides professional IT consulting services to small, medium and large companies throughout Sussex, Surrey and the South East of England. Our experienced team of IT engineers and project managers are able to provide expert strategic, operational and technical advice, as well as the best technology solutions and support in order to help companies to achieve their business objectives with maximum efficiency.

To find out how your business could benefit from our bespoke IT consultancy services, call us on 01403 290321 or 01293 912321. You can also complete our online contact form, or email us at [email protected].

Benefits of using IT consultancy services

The importance of technology in relation to business success is often overlooked and underestimated. An effective and properly implemented IT strategy plays a vital role in the growth and future proofing of a company, and the expert knowledge imparted by IT consultants can be highly beneficial.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology certain things are best left to the experts. Choosing to engage an IT consultancy service is similar to employing a dedicated IT department in that you’ll benefit from expert advice and ongoing support from a large team of highly experienced consultants, technicians and engineers.


Prioritising IT investment will future proof your business and inevitably save you money in the long run. By definition IT consultancy and support services enable your company to achieve its goals in the most efficient manner possible, reducing downtime and improving productivity through the continual analysis of business data. Unlike employing a full time in-house IT department consultancy services can be engaged on a temporary / one off project management basis, or on long term contracts to include a range of managed services.

More time to focus on your business

Without the pressure of having to oversee every aspect of your IT system and related technology you’re free to focus on other areas in your business which need attention, whilst our consultants take care of everything from cyber security to the strategic plans for your company relocation.

Reduced risk of IT failure or cyber security breaches

Though not always entirely preventable, the risk of IT failures and cyber attacks can be greatly reduced through the engagement of specialist consultants. As phishing scams, malware and other cyber security threats become increasingly advanced it is essential that organisations have the necessary protocols in place in order to protect customer and business data. Failure to do so may result in security breaches leading to brand damage, GDPR breaches, penalty fines and litigation.

Using the most efficient and optimal system possible for your business

Whether it’s the replacement of outdated or unsuitable servers, or the updating of computers to new operating systems we’ll work closely with you (and your IT department if applicable) to ensure that you’re always using the most efficient and optimal IT system possible. This includes the seamless system integration of the numerous technology tools your business relies upon, from database management systems through to VoIP solutions.

Why choose Woodstock IT for IT consultancy services

Since 2011 Woodstock IT has helped many local companies to achieve their business goals. Our consultancy team will work closely with you to identify and assess areas in need of improvement, providing innovative solutions to problems ranging from the consolidation of IT infrastructure to cloud migration, office relocation and more.


What are IT consulting services?

IT consultancy services provide solutions, planning advice and support in relation to an organisations’ data, communication or software systems.

What services do IT consultants offer?

Strategic planning services

This includes helping clients to assess their IT needs and creating a plan to implement this.

Architectural planning services

The creation of detailed plans that showcase the design, implementation and monitoring of IT systems and infrastructure.

Operational planning services

An assessment of the efficiency, efficacy and capacity of a client’s IT environment.

Implementation planning services

The final stage of IT consultancy, implementation of all plans that have been drawn up and agreed upon, significantly improving your IT structure and efficiencies.

What consultancy services do Woodstock IT offer?

At Woodstock our core IT consultancy services include:

  • Office move planning
  • Broadband speed and resilience improvements
  • Managed WiFi and surveying
  • Structured data cabling
  • Server solutions and best practises
  • Password recovery
  • Cloud solutions

IT consultancy in Sussex

If you would like to know more about how your business could benefit from our bespoke IT consultancy services please call us on 01403 290321 or 01293 912321.

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