When you run a business, having a slow internet connection is not an option. If a connection is slow it can be detrimental to your company’s smooth operation and put both your staff – and customers – in a negative state of mind when deadlines can’t be met.

Consider the strain put on your connection when it comes to:

  • offsite backup
  • media streaming
  • video conferencing
  • VoIP
  • sending emails
  • uploading content
  • social media feeds
  • using the intranet
  • Wi-Fi
  • many more other tasks.

With such an exponential growth in web usage businesses simply cannot rely on the usual commercial broadband avenues to deliver the speeds needed to keep up with demand online within the workplace. When the internet is slow, productivity declines. If tasks aren’t met, profits could be affected.

At Woodstock IT, we can solve all that.