Broken Computer? Why repair should be your first option

When it comes to broken computers, a lot of us assume that once its dead, that’s it and it’s time to get a new one. However, this may not always be the case. Buying a brand new computer or laptop can be very expensive and time consuming to set up. It’s always worth taking your computer into an IT specialist to see if it can be repaired first. Here’s why:


New laptops and computers can be very costly, especially if you have something that is high spec. If your computer is something you are still happy with and are familiar with, then it may not be worth the cost and time it will take to learn a new system.

No lost data

Migrating your data, setting up and installing all of the previous programmes from an old computer or laptop to a new one can be very time consuming and tedious. This is something that we’re able to do for you as part of our services.

Should we find that your computer cannot be fixed to a workable condition, we can also remove your data from it and recycle it in a secure and safe way, giving you peace of mind.

Could be a quick fix

Whilst it may look disastrous and complicated, your repair actually may be a quick fix and not the end for your computer. As we offer free quotations, it is always worth getting one of our expert team to look at it first before considering buying a new computer. Further to this, if we aren’t able to fix your computer, we won’t charge you.

Upgrade what you already have

If your computer is running slow or no longer up to scratch, it could be worth looking at upgrading it slightly, such as upgrading the RAM. This will allow you to keep your current set up and will be a fraction of the cost, at the same time as fixing any slow issues you may be having.

How we can help

At Woodstock IT Services, we offer a comprehensive computer repair service to help you get your computer up and running as quickly as possible. Our fully trained IT professionals run full checks on a wide range of computers and laptops to diagnose and fix any issues you may be having.

Our core repair services include:

  • Hardware and software diagnosis
  • Faulty hard drives
  • Water damage issues
  • Virus infections
  • Broken batteries
  • Server failure

Our team work tirelessly to ensure there is minimal disruption to you and your day-to-day business runnings. However if the fix isn’t something we can do quickly, or you aren’t able to go without a laptop or computer, we are able to offer temporary computers during repairs, to ensure you are able to stay connected during the short period we are fixing yours.

Get in touch today

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