6 ways an IT hardware audit saves you money

An IT hardware audit is an exercise undertaken by an IT professional, during which they locate and identify all hardware equipment owned by a company and assess it in order to determine how up-to-date and efficient the hardware is.

Having regular audits of IT hardware can actually save a business money, and here’s why:

Create an accurate register

An IT hardware audit allows you to create an accurate register of all items of hardware that you have on site. This register allows you to plan for future events, such as expansion and addition of new employees, by identifying exactly what equipment you have.

Further to this, if there is any software licensed or warranties on any surplus computers, this can also be identified and cancelled to ensure you aren’t paying for equipment that you aren’t using.

Prevent double purchasing

Once you have an accurate register of all hardware items within your company and what equipment you have on site, it allows you to ensure that you aren’t purchasing equipment you already have.

Up-to-date records also mean you are able to identify redundant equipment that could either be sold or repurposed to ensure that it is being utilised to the best of its ability.

Identify older assets

Once a register of products has been established, looking at older hardware is a great way to help your company save money. Once all the older hardware has been identified, it can be cleaned up and in turn, it’s life can be extended, meaning there is no need to replace older equipment.

Reduce downtime

An IT hardware audit also identifies and reports on how well hardware is performing. Through this you can also get an accurate measurement of each hardware item and its performance. If any issues are identified then these can be resolved before there are any major incidents that could cause downtime, therefore costing your business valuable time and money.

Reveal security concerns

As well as performance reports, it can also identify any potential security concerns or data leaks. Catching these early before they become a risk to your company can save you thousands, as security concerns could cause loss of data and negativity towards the company.

Calculate total value of assets

A calculation of the total value of all assets will give you accurate figures that can then be used for insurance purposes. Having accurate figures of all hardware and costs means that in the unlikely event that there is a disaster and you need to claim against your insurance for this, you will not lose out as you have been able to provide them with exact costs for replacing equipment.

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