When Did You Last Upgrade Your Computer? Is Now the Right Time?

Computer Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading your computer, it can be a tough decision to make as it’s easy to become quite attached to your PC. Unfortunately, like most electronic devices, computers do have a lifespan. When they come towards the end of their use, issues can occur that make them difficult and frustrating on a day to day basis.

Whilst there may be the option to replace some of the parts that are causing the issues and repair the model, sometimes in the long run, you are better off just purchasing a new machine; the costs can actually work out cheaper.

We have put together some of the top signs that show when your computer needs replacing, to help you make the right decision at the right time.

Top warning signs that you need a new computer

It’s running slow

If you notice that your computer has any of the following issues, these are major signs that it’s time to replace it:

  • It takes a long time to turn on or off
  • It struggles to load when several programmes are open
  • It doesn’t keep up when you’re typing

Before upgrading, try having a spring clean of all of your files, applications and documents that you don’t need anymore to see if that helps the problem. However, this is usually a short term fix and eventually you will need to upgrade. You should also check for any viruses that may be impacting its performance.

You can’t install the latest operating system

Computer companies are coming out with updates to their operating systems more and more frequently. These updates are extremely important as they feature bug fixes, security updates and added functionality.

If you have an older computer, it will get to the point where it will no longer be able to update to the latest operating system, as companies like Apple and Microsoft eventually stop supporting older versions. If this is the case with your computer, it may be time to consider a new one, as having access to the latest updates, especially security, is extremely important.

You’re running out of space

If you’re struggling with memory on your computer and can’t install any new software or save any new files, then this is a massive warning sign that you will need to replace your computer. When this occurs, it’s stops being a useful asset for your work or hobbies and isn’t working as intended

There are only really short term fixes for space issues, such as cleaning out any unwanted files, using an external harddrive or installing more RAM (if there is any space to do so). However, once this starts to become an issue, there will eventually only be one solution and that is to upgrade to a new computer.

Whilst this may have an initial high cost (depending on the model you choose), you will also benefit from a faster machine, the latest software and better specs, especially if your current machine is a few years old.

You’ve already tried fixing it

Repairs can be a great way to get a quick fix on your computer and to get it up and running again. Here at Woodstock IT, we are able to offer a comprehensive and reliable computer repair service that will help bring your computer back to life as quickly as possible.

However if you have already tried repairing your computer several times and are still experiencing issues, then it’s definitely time to replace it with a newer model. In the long run, a replacement could work out financially better than continually paying for repairs.

Keep your computer working better for longer

To keep your computer working as efficiently and effectively as possible for longer, it is extremely important that you look after it. Discover our top tips on caring for your system.

At Woodstock IT, we offer support services and managed IT services across Sussex and Surrey to keep an eye on your systems, complete regular updates and help diagnose any issues. This can help to keep your computer system up and running for longer, however, if you’ve had your current model for two or more years, it may be best to replace it.

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