What our computer shop can do for your hardware

How much are broken computers and laptops costing your business? A study of the impact of IT downtime by CA Technologies found that UK companies lose more than £2 billion per year due to IT outages.

Computer hardware and software issues

Computer issues can be expensive in terms of missed revenue, repair costs and possibly overtime to make up for the lost hours. In addition, your team’s productivity is reduced and morale is lower. Clients may become dissatisfied if their expectations and orders are not met, leading to damage to your brand in the longer term.

What can cause an issue?

There are a number of problems which can cause your desktop PC or laptop to experience issues, these include:

  • Faulty hard drives
  • Malware/virus infections
  • Out-dated operating systems
  • Software conflicts
  • Network/server issues

The Woodstock IT team can help with all these problems and more if you’re experiencing issues with your computer. Call 01403 290 321 for us to diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

Do you need to buy a replacement?

These issues don’t necessarily mean your equipment needs to be replaced. Here at Woodstock IT we use advanced diagnostic methods to establish the extent of the issue and whether it can be repaired. Our team can run these diagnostics on just one machine or several if a number have been impacted.

Before carrying out a repair, we also assess the age and condition of your computer or laptop and your IT requirements. This helps establish if a replacement would be more cost effective than a repair, saving you money in the long term.

We may recommend a replacement due to software advances, hard drive space or other issues, to ensure the equipment does not suffer a catastrophic failure at a later date resulting in total data loss. This is particularly important with the new GDPR requirements coming in May 2018 relating to protecting your clients’ data.

What brands of computer can we repair?

We work on all the leading computer and laptop brands, including:

Our team are also experienced in Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems.

How will you manage without a computer during the repair?

The team will work to fix the computer or laptop as quickly as possible for you. However, should you need a replacement to work on whilst we are repairing yours, we can provide you with a loan computer so you or your team can remain productive (subject to availability).

Where do we carry out repairs and what is the process?

If you are a commercial or a residential customer, you can drop your computer into our office near Horsham for repair. We also carry out onsite repair visits so businesses experience minimal disruption to productivity.

First of all, we will do a diagnostics check and there are certain cases where a repair is not viable based on the age of the machine. If a machine is 5 years old or more then we will advise the client of this in advance. In all other cases once the problem has been identified we can start repair. We will keep you updated on progress as the repair progresses and promise to keep this jargon free for you.

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Please contact us to discuss how we can repair your computer by calling our hotline on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321. Our team work throughout Sussex and Surrey, including Horsham, Crawley and Guildford and we will be happy to assist you.

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