Our Pick of IT Trends for 2019

2018 was a big year for technology and there were a lot of changes that happened. For example there was a huge surge in companies using technologies such as AI and augmented reality in their products.

We have taken a look back at the year 2018 and put together a list of things that we can expect to continue growing in the IT industry in 2019.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is intelligence associated with machines which are built to mimic human intelligence and can usually demonstrate behaviours such as speech, learning and undertaking certain tasks. It was a hugely popular topic in 2018, with companies across the world using it within their business to perform repetitive tasks in order to get more accurate and quicker results.

With AI continually learning and evolving, in 2019 we can expect to see this type of technology improve and more companies adopting it to help them streamline their processes.

We also think 2019 will be a year of learning for the general public when it comes to having AI technologies more discussed in the media and normalised.

Cyber Security

Whilst cyber security has been around for a while and the majority of businesses these days have adopted it and understand the importance of it, this industry is going to continue to grow.

With hackers becoming more and more intelligent and intuitive, they are finding new ways to hack systems and data. Cyber security measures are going to continue to evolve this year and make themselves even stronger to ensure users data is safeguarded against threats.

Public hacks in 2018 – such as the 87 million Facebook records breached – have made users more aware of how their data and privacy is being managed online, and why they should hold companies and themselves responsible to protect it.


5G refers to fifth generation mobile connectivity. Currently the majority of mobiles are working off of 4G connectivity and it is predicted that 5G will start to reach different parts of the world by the end of 2019.

5G connectivity uses the latest network technology to give users far quicker mobile internet connections than they currently have using 3G and 4G connections. Whilst not all the details have been released yet about the exact specifications of 5G, it is rumoured to be around 100 times faster than the current mobile speeds. This will appeal foremost to businesses but has a wider appeal to anyone with a smartphone.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) made a storm in 2019 with loads of companies in a wide range of industries starting to use it throughout their business, from the games industry to engineering. One of the main examples of popular VR in the past couple of years is the ‘Pokemon Go’ app, which saw millions of users download it and play it.

VR has the potential to aid a wide range of industries such as, training and education, marketing and travel. Whilst VR is still quite an expensive technology at the moment, as it becomes more mainstream in the coming years then we will see it become more affordable and more businesses using it for their benefit.

Benefits include offering more productive multimedia working environments for homeworkers and office based staff, as well as ensuring better and engaging communication on an international scale.

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