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Working from Home

Statistics indicate that over the last 5 years the number of people working from home has been increasing steadily, from around 4.3% in 2015 to 5.1% in 2019. Naturally this trend puts extra pressure on home Wi-Fi and broadband solutions.

At Woodstock IT we understand that the needs of one household are not necessarily the same as the next. For that reason we offer a completely tailored service to ensure that both your family and business enjoy a reliable internet connection, adequate storage and of course the appropriate virus protection.

If you are experiencing any connectivity or performance issues, contact us today and we will work out the best solution for your home and work commitments.

Why are more businesses working from home?

Primarily as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), these figures have increased significantly with more and more employers opting for their workforce to operate remotely. A study from the Office for National Statistics showed that ‘in April 2020, 46.6% of people in employment did some work from home’ in the UK.

In addition, the closures of schools, libraries and other public facilities means that it is likely that the whole family is now reliant on your home WiFi connection for all their commercial, educational, streaming, gaming and communication needs.

How does this impact home Wi-Fi performance?

For many people this means that their current residential Wi-Fi setup will no longer be capable of meeting these new demands. Poor Wi-Fi connections and ineffective or outdated IT systems can be the difference between operating in a smooth, stress free and productive working environment, or living in a technical nightmare!

At Woodstock IT we understand the importance of a proactive approach to IT and residential Wi-Fi solutions. Our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring that you benefit from maximum efficiency on all of your Wi-Fi connected devices.

What about Wi-Fi for my business?

There are certainly many important factors to consider when running a business from home or working remotely. Woodstock IT specialise in tailored business IT services to ensure that even when the family are online streaming movies, gaming or just chatting you’ll have the peace of mind that your business is operating with optimum uptime.

What is uptime?

Simply put, uptime is a measurement of how much time a network, typically a computer or website, has been operational and available. It is generally calculated as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the longer the period of time. Any time in which a system is not operational and available is classed as downtime.

How much uptime should I be aiming for? And what does it mean for my business?

In a perfect world we would of course operate at 100% uptime, however 99.9% is widely accepted as the industry standard. However, don’t be fooled – this is far from the optimum. The figures below show just how beneficial even seemingly small increases to your uptime can be.

(The calculations show the downtime over a 30 day period).

  • 99% – 7 hours, 12 minutes
  • 99.9% – 43 minutes
  • 99.99% – 4 minutes
  • 99.999% – 26 seconds
  • 99.9999% – 3 seconds

To put these figures into context, according to Gartner ‘the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute’. Another source estimates that ‘a staggering 545 hours of staff productivity are lost due to IT outages’ every year.

Clearly then from a business perspective it is essential that your Wi-Fi systems are functioning with maximum efficiency.

And what about the family?

The number of internet connected devices per household has also increased exponentially in recent years, with some studies suggesting there could be up to 18 smart devices per household in the UK.

But things seem to be working ‘OK’ at the moment?

We have found that in the long run, a proactive approach to home Wi-Fi solutions is a far better option than relying on the old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. We need only glance at the previously listed costs of IT failures to see how catastrophic even small disruptions to your network can be.

We offer a completely free, no obligation assessment of your current systems to show what can be improved and how – after that, the choice is yours!

Are there any quick fixes?

Again, simply put, yes! There are a number of things that you can do yourself to improve your connection, including:

  • Optimal Router Placement – Generally in an elevated position, as close to the centre of your home as possible to maximise signal reach
  • Access Points or Wi-Fi extenders – Both are designed to, as you might have guessed, extend your Wi-Fi signal. Aim to create a ‘mesh network’ as opposed to just adding single repeaters or extenders for maximum results
  • Combining Frequency Bands – By combining both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies from your router into a single network, your devices should automatically choose the optimal connection
  • Does it need to be connected? – Any connected device will be taking away from your overall bandwidth. Disconnect any devices that aren’t essential, and make sure you have a strong password in place to ensure that there are no unwanted ’freeloaders’ slowing you down
  • Plug it in – By connecting your main devices via Ethernet cable you will not only improve their connection, but also reduce the strain on your Wi-Fi
  • Check your settings – Most streaming services including Netflix, YouTube and Spotify allow you to adjust streaming quality. Lower quality = better connection for other devices

Whilst we hope that the above tips will make a noticeable difference to your current connection, please bear in mind that no amount of ‘quick fixes’ will offset the limitations caused by operating with outdated or unsuitable hardware or firmware.

How we can help

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Our services include, but are not limited to;

  • Network setups
  • Wireless network and security
  • Antivirus software supply and configuration
  • Data recovery
  • Laptop and portable device repair
  • Broadband speed health checks and improvements
  • Reliable back-up solutions

Operating since 2011, Woodstock IT and our friendly team of experts offer a comprehensive range of tailored business IT services, designed to help your company run efficiently and productively.

This includes ensuring your network is secure, fast and fully backed-up. We also offer bespoke residential IT services to ensure whether you are streaming HD shows, working on business reports, helping with homework to video chatting with relatives abroad, you’re connected to reliable hardware and software meaning minimal disruptions.

For further information or advice, contact us today.

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