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Cyber attacks are a huge threat to all businesses, which means that your cyber security is vital to protect your business from cyber threats.

Performing a cyber security audit can help you recognise weaknesses in your security, and protect your business from any future security breaches. At Woodstock IT we offer virus and malware protection to help protect you and your business from cyber attacks, get in touch with us today for advice and further information about your cyber security. Call us on 01403 290 321 or contact us via our website.

What is an IT security audit?

A cyber security audit is an in-depth analysis of your business’ overall technical security. It will examine your IT infrastructure and check to make sure that you have the proper protection and procedure in place, and that it’s all working effectively. A cyber security audit will also highlight threats and pinpoint weaknesses in your current security.

An IT security audit will go over things such as:

  • Operational security (an analysis of security controls that prevents data breaches).
  • Data security (an analysis of encryption use, network access control, and data security to protect digital information from corruption).
  • System security (an analysis of privileged account management, patching and hardening processes, and role-based access to ensure that your business’ networks are safe).
  • Network security (an analysis of security and network controls, security monitoring capabilities, and anti-virus configurations).
  • Physical security (an analysis of disk encryption, multi factor authentication, etc to prevent unauthorised access).

The benefits of annual cyber security audits

Having a comprehensive review of cyber security is vital for current business, there is a multitude of benefits to doing a cyber security audit regularly:

It can highlight gaps and vulnerabilities in your current security

A security audit is able to identify gaps in your own security that cyber threats might be able to easily target. This is beneficial as it provides you with the information necessary to ensure that your security is tight.

It provides assurance for clients

Alongside all of an audit’s advantages, it can simply provide assurance for your clients that your business is safe, secure, and free from any data breaches.

It can help you stay ahead of new cyber attacks

Doing regular audits enables you to stay on top of any new cyber attacks that may arise, this puts you ahead of threats and security breaches and allows you to remain informed and minimises cyber risk.

Increased performance of your technology and security

A security audit ensures that your organisation possesses functional security. This plays a critical role in the performance of your security, and will increase its overall performance keeping your technology operational and up to date.

The importance of regular checks

It is recommended that you perform at least one audit per year, doing these regular audits ensures that your business remains safe from threats and free from cyber vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

How Woodstock can help with your cyber security

The risk of a general data protection regulation or security breach should never be underestimated, which is why we at Woodstock are able to help you with your cyber security. We offer a multitude of services for businesses from doing network health checks, to installing antivirus software, to guarantee that your organisation is devoid of any potential security breaches. Contact us at 01403290321 or 01293912321, or get in touch via our website.

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