The Best Antivirus Software And Solutions For Small Businesses

Whether you are international or family owned, big or small, for profit or non-profit business, cyber security and antivirus protection in this rapidly evolving age of digitalisation is extremely important.

Did you know that up to 88% of UK based companies have reported some form of cyber security breach during the last 12 months? (source).

As a small business owner you could be forgiven for assuming that this figure is nothing to worry about, because hackers and cybercriminals only target big businesses, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case and on average, a small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds! (source).

So, how to avoid becoming another cyber statistic?

The right antivirus software and implementation of appropriate security measures are great places to start. Both go a long way toward protecting you and your business from malicious interactions.

At Woodstock IT we understand that one size generally does not fit all, so our antivirus software and solutions are tailored to meet your requirements. For a free, no obligation security assessment call us on 01403 290321 or 01293 912321.

How does antivirus software work?

Antivirus software serves to locate and disable malicious files or interactions before they occur or have the opportunity to execute their intended purpose. Whilst there are many variations of antivirus software, the methods they use to detect malware remain relatively similar.

Signature based detection

  • Known malware is assigned a ‘signature’ or ‘fingerprint’. Your antivirus software has a database of these ‘fingerprints’, which can be updated as necessary. When a ‘signature’ or ‘fingerprint’ is recognised, the software acts to disable the threat.

Heuristics based detection

  • Software scans your systems to locate new potential threats by identifying suspicious file characteristics within code.

Behavioural detection

  • Suspected malware is observed and analysed based on it’s intended execution action(s).

Antivirus software is constantly evolving and requires updating in order to mimic the advancements of malware and the increasing complexity of cyber attacks. As a result, no single antivirus program is 100% effective at neutralising potential threats.

Why choose antivirus software?

From a business perspective cybersecurity breaches represent a potential disaster waiting to happen. Consequences range from massive financial loss and reputational damage to legal complications as a result of noncompliance. Our recent blog post ‘Cyberthreats from your inbox’ examined the risks and impacts of security breaches in more depth.

It is worth mentioning that the recent shift of previously office based employers/employees who are now working remotely means that the risk of malware infection is perhaps now greater than ever.

Antivirus/antimalware software provides 24/7, 365 protection for you, and your business network against threats from:

  • the transmission of viruses
  • other forms of malware including worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware and ransomware
  • unwanted pop-ups and advertisements

This ultimately provides you with the peace of mind that your cyber security is in safe hands.

Is antivirus software worth it? 

Compare the average cost of cyberattacks on small businesses, which currently amount to around £65,000 per victim, with the cost of even the most expensive and comprehensive antivirus program. The potential savings are huge and on top of that, you’re protecting likely sensitive and business critical data from falling into the wrong hands.

What are the best antivirus solutions for small businesses?

At Woodstock IT we are dedicated to keeping you and your business safe, by providing you with the most up to date and effective antivirus and malware solutions.

To do so, we have partnered with:

Dark Web ID

Scans and monitors the dark web to identify stolen user data associated with your company’s domain name(s).

  • Monitors hidden chat rooms, unindexed sites and private and black market websites as well as 640,000+ botnets
  • Acts as an early warning mechanism to identify potential breaches before they occur
  • Security can be extended to your supply chain
  • Allows deeper analysis of gaps within your security to enable proactive solutions

BullPhish ID

Provides regular, evolving security and phishing awareness training for staff in bite size pieces.

  • Proactive monitoring for stolen and compromised employee data on the Dark Web
  • Training videos in eight languages to eliminate the risk of human error leading to breaches in security
  • A ‘Security Threat Report’ demonstrating the overall security posture of your business


Pioneers of antivirus protection, creators of award winning threat detection software.

  • Protects your workstations, file server(s), mobile devices and company email
  • Over 110 million users worldwide
  • Coverage for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Lotus Domino & Linux
  • 24/7, worldwide assistance
  • One click management for all products
  • Multilayered technology assures the best detection rates with minimal false positives

As we mentioned previously, the use of just one of these softwares alone could still leave your business vulnerable to attack. This is why we have combined them to create a comprehensive package providing you the ultimate in cyber security.

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