Hosted Email Services

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Invest in a fully managed cloud solution to access emails on any connected devices in real time. No missed emails and total control.

Free your inner email

Imagine life where every email you send or receive is synchronised on every device you own, in real time, all the time. That would mean no more missed emails, forwarding to other email accounts or managing communications on multiple devices. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Wait… it’s true?

Hosted Exchange 2013 from Woodstock IT is a professional grade email messaging service allowing you unprecedented levels of control over your business communication. As it’s a fully managed cloud based solution, it is easy for you to access your emails any time, anywhere. All this allows you to gain greater insight into your business emails, keeping you up to date with everything that matters.

Why use our Hosted Exchange?

Traditionally, businesses have servers in the office that require a lot of maintenance. By letting us host your email, you have nothing to worry about. Most people need technology to work how they want it and want the technical bits to be invisible – and that’s why this is for you! We have come across many companies who inevitably have had problems with their email provider after setting up free accounts. By working with us, rest assured that we are reliable and approachable, helping you to get what you want done quicker.

The solution offers you:

  • Seamless real time synchronisation across all devices including smartphones and tablets
  • Fully backed up and accessible from any browser when required
  • Out of office replies available
  • 50 GB of mail storage
  • Built-in security and integrity
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Low set up and ongoing costs

Modern businesses understand the need to react quickly to client requests. With Woodstock IT Hosted Exchange, no opportunities will ever be lost again, making both your business and your clients’ lives easier.

We offer a number of options for Hosted Exchange at some of the most competitive rates available.