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Enable your business and staff to work remotely with virtual hosted desktops. Practical connectivity that’s secure, convenient and easy to use.

So many businesses are now offering more flexibility to their staff, whether it’s to retain talent, curb bills and the business’s carbon footprint, or to allow staff more freedom and a better work life balance.

As a result, it’s becoming vital that businesses have a system where staff can work from home. With so many workers meeting with clients outside the office or needing to work from public transport or a hotel, workers need to be able to access everything they would from the office but often from a public place.

We’ve heard from businesses who have had impractical setups where workers have been at meetings and unable to access important documents for clients, or where a worker who needed to be at home for the day had to rush into the office last minute because their remote working system failed. As well as others who have had security breaches from using an unsafe network outside the office.

What are the benefits of a virtual desktop?

  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Greater productivity
  • Financial savings
  • Retain top talent
  • Successful meetings
  • Easily connect with clients and stakeholders
  • Working on the go
  • Positive environmental impact (reduced travel)
  • Valuable data security
  • Easily manage and access data
  • Cloud backup

At Woodstock IT, we provide our clients with the very best virtual hosted desktop using cloud services, so you can access your documents and contact your colleagues as easily as if you were in the office, and from multiple devices, all with the knowledge that your data is protected.

You can log in from anywhere, all using central servers which you won’t have to maintain yourself.

The ultimate “work anywhere” solution – what we offer

Though the cloud allows you to work from any internet connection, it’s Woodstock IT’s virtual hosted desktop which adds extra security protection.

We help our clients benefit from sharing information via the cloud. With modern connectivity, robust security and easy to manage infrastructure there are few businesses that can’t see the efficiency, convenience and cost savings that cloud computing can bring.

The Woodstock IT Desktop Solution gives you a virtual desktop in the cloud combining a Windows desktop, Microsoft Office, Exchange/Outlook and other applications all delivered as a hosted service. This is in direct contrast to the restrictive and costly option of using a local network – you just pay on a simple per user basis designed to deliver proven cost savings.

What our virtual hosted desktops allow you to do:

  • Collaborate in real time from any internet enabled Windows or non-Windows device
  • Keep all your data synchronised instantly
  • Store your data securely with built in disaster recovery and instant back ups
  • Access your data using a thin client, smartphone or tablet
  • Save time by having instant access to business critical information
  • Avoid the capital expenditure associated with traditional local networks

Key features

1. Data security

Gradually companies are becoming more aware about sensitive distributions of data. That’s why special software is being used to limit data leaks from any department of any company. So, what happens if you need to work from home or if you are on a business trip or even need to work temporarily in another office? How will you get access to your desktop?

That’s where hosted desktops in the UK come into use. This system allows the user to get access to their desktop, going as far as being able to work with software licensed for your company from any device. All this is done while data is being safely held on a remote server.

One of the biggest risks to businesses is data loss through breaches and hacking, which often come from easily preventable failures in technology. Non-remote desktop services pose a higher risk of data loss because the desktops store data on hard drives, accessible from only one place. But cloud-stored data isn’t impacted by device failure, and is instead stored on safe central servers.

Most services will have additional safety features and encryption services built into them, for maximum data security. Remote services, often because of the nature of their use, have extra security compared to in-house desktop usage. All this makes virtual hosted networks great for larger, financial and legal companies, as it takes the pain of disaster recovery away.

2. Boosts employee productivity and morale

A lot of factors can influence employee productivity. At the top of this list is the working environment. Remote working is the way of the future: it means employees can work from home, have a greater and more flexible work/life balance. This leads to a happier and more respected workforce that is more productive.

It means staff can contact each other at all times, so work isn’t stalled by failed communication.

3. Saves money

Budgeting for IT services can be costly, particularly if you are a small business or a startup. Using remote desktop services rather than a single-location desktop system can save you money in the long run.

Remote services don’t require as much IT attention as standard desktop services, with cloud storage solutions being a fraction of the cost of traditional storage solutions and maintenance because they do not require a central drive to function.

It also means you may not need as much office space for your staff, if any at all. Staff can also work on the go, saving money in staff time. A virtual desktop means you don’t have to worry about servers backup or powering, and there’s no maintenance required.

4. Easy to manage and access documents and data

Using remote desktop services makes it easy to manage and access data from any location in the world. If a member of staff is abroad, they’ll still get the same UK broadband speeds no matter where they are. Desktop services enable remote workers to access key data from virtually any device, including mobile phones and personal laptop computers, often with only the same passwords as they’d need on their usual desktop computer.

What’s more, a remote desktop can permit authority figures to assess remote employee work progress. At the same time, work can be password protected for privacy just like on a normal desktop.

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